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My name is Christophe and I created this blog to talk about my passions and to share with you my impressions and recommendations.

I live today in Sydney, Australia. You’ll find blog posts about diffrent topics such as:Je vis aujourd’hui à Sydney, en Australie. Tu trouveras des articles sur plusieurs sujets comme:

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Improve your Surfing

Surfing is probably one of the most exiting but also one of the hardest sports that exist.

I’ve been surfing for about 12 years and after years of struggle, I managed to reach a “correct” level.

I help today beginner surfers to allow them to progress faster. 

You can download for free my guide “Learn to surf quickly” by clicking on the button below.

What Corentin thought about it

“To those who want to improve their surfing, I recommend you “Learn to surf quickly”. In this guide, Christophe, by his experience, synthetises and brings solutions to mistakes that we commonly encounter and that slow you down or limit your progression while learning surfing. I encourage you to have a look at it, it’s very well made. Thanks to Chris for having taken of your time to make that guide. Have a good read!

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