Welcome on Chrisonthebeach!

My name is Chris. I’m French, from Nice, on the French Riviera. I’ve been surfing for 12 years, and I learnt in the Mediterranean sea!

But I’ve been practising way more in South West of France, in the Landes and Basque Country, where I lived for 3 years.

I decided to fly to Australia in 2013 to see this amazing country by myself, and to surf its best waves! I also had the chance to live in New Zealand in 2014-2015 and to surf amazing breaks there such as Raglan.


Today I live in Sydney (back to Oz!) in Manly, in front of the Pacific Ocean

I started this blog to talk about surfing and all that comes around:

  • Surfboards and shapes
  • Music
  • Amazing sessions (or not)
  • Surf trips
  • jokes and humor
  • Travelling

I hope you’ll have a great time wandering on the blog/

If you have any question, or you want to share some ideas for blog posts, feel free to contact me on [email protected]

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